Smart Kitchen Safety Alarm for a Worry Free Home

StoveSense Smart Alarm helps prevent food burning and kitchen fires by detecting unsafe conditions in kitchen and triggering an alarm


Make your Kitchen Smart for your peace of mind!

Do you often worry if you have accidentally left burning stove on or cooking gas might be leaking in your Kitchen?


Or you sometimes find yourself in kitchen with burnt food because you forgot to turn stove off on time

StoveSense Smart Alarm is the perfect solution for you!

It uses intelligent sensing technology to detect unattended burning stove or cooking gas leak and triggers a sharp alarm to alert you.


This is how StoveSense Work

Fits on the Wall behind your stove
Monitor at all times (24/7)

- Stove temperature

- Cooking gas leak

- Human presence in kitchen

Prevents food burning and kitchen fires

- Alarm triggers if burning stove is unattended for 15 minutes

- Alarm triggers on detection of gas leak


A safe kitchen means a safer home

StoveSense have been designed to make cooking safe for people of all ages

Easy Installation

Simply stick on the wall behind your Stove. Does not require additional wires or external power supply.

Long Battery Life

AA Battery powered and has a long battery life of 2 years. Batteries can be replaced easily.

Intelligent Sensors

Monitors your Kitchen 24/7 without interfering with normal cooking. Only alerts you when it detects unsafe conditions.

Worry Free Home

Detects Unattended Burning Stoves and Gas Leaks. Now live peacefully around Kids and Elderly.

StoveSense Smart Kitchen Alarm


StoveSense smart alarm is the most effective solution to prevent cooking accidents and making cooking safe for everyone. It senses danger well in advance and alerts by raising an alarm.